2020-2022 Undergraduate and Graduate Bulletin (without addenda) 
    Apr 20, 2021  
2020-2022 Undergraduate and Graduate Bulletin (without addenda) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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MA-UY 4214 Applied Ordinary Differential Equations

4 Credits
A first course in ordinary differential equations, including analytical solution methods, elementary numerical methods, and modeling. Topics to be covered include: first-order equations including integrating factors; second-order equations including variation of parameters; series solutions; elementary numerical methods including Euler’s methods, Runge-Kutta methods, and error analysis; Laplace transforms; systems of linear equations; boundary-value problems. Restricted to Tandon math majors and students with a permission code from the math department. Fulfills ordinary differential equations requirement for the BS Math degree.

Prerequisite(s): (MA-UY 2114  or MA-UY 2514 ) and (MA-UY 3034  or MA-UY 3044  or MA-UY 3054 ).
Note: Not open to students who have taken MA-UY 2034 or MA-UY 4204.

Weekly Lecture Hours: 4

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