2020-2022 Undergraduate and Graduate Bulletin (with addenda) 
    May 30, 2024  
2020-2022 Undergraduate and Graduate Bulletin (with addenda) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]



The Administration

Office of the Dean

Jelena Kovačević
Dean,Tandon School of Engineering

Leadership Team

Rose Ampuero
Associate Dean of Student Affairs

Kurt Becker
Vice Dean for Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Jean Alex Berthoumieux
Director, Budget and Finance

Pat Bowers
Vice Dean, Finance and Administration

Jack Bringardner
Assistant Dean for Academic and Curricular Affairs, Industry Assistant Professor

Elizabeth Ensweiler
Assistant Dean, Admissions

Jean Gallagher
Director, Faculty Development, Chief Inclusivity Officer; Professor​

Margaret Gibson
Senior Director, Human Resources

Jessie Guy-Ryan
Associate Director, Online Learning

Yona Jean-Pierre
Director, Faculty Innovations in Teaching and Learning Center

Nicole Johnson
Assistant Dean for Opportunity Programs​

Vikram Kapila
Director for Ph.D. Student Development; Professor

Maey Khaled
Senior Director, Campus Planning and Technical Services

Cindy Lewis
Director, Undergraduate Enrollment Management

Sayar Lonial
Associate Dean, Communications and Public Affairs

Karine-Frederique Loriot
Associate Dean, Career Services

Nasir Memon
Vice Dean for Student and Academic Affairs, Tandon Online; Professor

Ahmed Nassef
Director, Operations and Administration

Nina Nguyen
Director, Planning and Business Process Optimization

Melinda Parham
Assistant Dean for First-year Students, Academic Affairs; Chief Inclusivity Officer

Lauren Ptak
Chief Marketing Officer

Sravani Ramisetti
Senior Advisor to the Dean

Doris Schultz
Director of Research Administration

Allison Taylor
Associate Dean, Strategic Initiatives & Chief of Staff

Frank Vallese
Director of Industry Partnerships

Erin Varga
Associate Dean for Development

Peter Voltz
Associate Dean for Undergraduate and Graduate Academics, Academic Affairs; Associate Professor

Yao Wang
Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, Academic Administration; Professor​

Department Chairs and Speaker of the Faculty

John DiBartolo
Chair, Applied Physics

Andreas H. Hielscher
Chair, Biomedical Engineering

Eray Aydil
Chair, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Magued Iskander
Chair, Civil and Urban Engineering

Lisa Hellerstein
Chair, Computer Science and Engineering

Ivan Selesnick
Chair, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Peter Carr
Chair, Finance and Risk Engineering

Richard Thorsen
Chair, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Jean Gallagher and R. Luke Dubois
Chair, Technology, Culture and Society

Oded Nov
Chair, Technology Management and Innovation

Shivendra Panwar
Speaker of the Faculty