2013-2014 Undergraduate and Graduate Bulletin (with addenda) 
    Oct 22, 2018  
2013-2014 Undergraduate and Graduate Bulletin (with addenda) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Information Management Executive Master's (eIM)

Program Director: Joseph Nadan

Goals and Objectives

The Information Management Executive Master’s Program (eIM) delivers a high-level learning experience focusing on the intersection of broadly defined information technology and management, which is at the heart of the modern economy. Offered by Polytechnic for over two decades, the Information Management Program (eIM) is geared for the growing set of professionals who must use information and networking technology and the Internet for carrying out critical tasks and in developing and delivering value within their organizations and for customers.

IT managers must learn how to innovate in a world in which the use of wireless and Internet-based technologies has changed traditional organizational structures into a seamless, 24/7 global entity. eIM participants learn how to be effective by capitalizing on an advanced IT infrastructure, which has accelerated product lifecycles, enlarged the diversity of sources of innovation, and intensified global competition.

Key Characteristics in the eIM Program

  • Provides knowledge to manage information- intensive corporations.
  • Focuses on strategic implications of technology and innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Encompasses innovation management in all modern information arenas such as financial and professional services, media/entertainment, bio-medical/ pharma/chemical, new materials, IT and telecommunications.
  • Deals with the impact of information and innovation throughout an enterprise.
  • Addresses physical, digital (including Internet-based) and mobile innovation.
  • Enables key transition from information specialists to high-level, effective information managers.
  • Assumes a global perspective.
  • Explores and develops new business models based upon information-enabled innovation.

In the eIM curriculum, even traditional subjects such as finance, operations management and marketing are taught with information-enabled-innovation issues in mind. Subjects, concepts and issues directly related to information management and accessing innovative capabilities that form the eIM Program core include:

  • Customers, suppliers and other partners as sources and co-creators of innovation;
  • New product and services development;
  • The global search for innovation and information technology and choosing among increasingly global information sources and markets, including Europe, the Pacific Rim, Israel, India and others;
  • Entrepreneurship;
  • Integrating information technology and management;
  • Venture capital and venture creation;
  • The Internet and the Web-innovation as new platforms for innovation;
  • Innovation-friendly cultures and organizations;
  • The IT-innovation connection;
  • Revitalized R&D;
  • Advanced products and services;
  • Strategic information planning and innovation- intensive new product business models;
  • Knowledge management;
  • Information selection and acquisition; and
  • Multiple and diverse levers for information-enabled innovation.

The program is well-suited for engineers and scientists with increasing managerial responsibility, and for professionals, functional and business managers in finance, banking, telecommunications, design, retailing, media/entertainment and other environments increasingly dependent on information.

eIM is an executive program. As such, it has the following general features:

  • Full-semester and half-semester courses to use limited time effectively;
  • Carefully selected elective courses to maintain flexibility in meeting diverse professional needs;
  • A blend of live classes and modern Web-based technology;
  • Effective information technology-enabled remote-collaboration learning and teamwork learning materials that are often in digital Web-based format to capitalize on Internet-based technologies and methods.

eIM also has more focused concentration areas: Information Management (IMCIO) and Information Management in Information Security and Privacy (IMCISO).

eIM classes are held every other week on Wednesday or Thursday evenings and all day Saturday at 55 Broad Street, in the heart of lower Manhattan. An all-inclusive fee covers tuition and fees, textbooks and other educational material, special tutorials and lectures and meals on class days. For the most current information go to http://www.poly.edu/academics/programs/informationmanagement-executive-ms.

Executive Format

The eIM Program is based on a cohort system in which all participants enter at the same time and take the same courses throughout the program except when electives are selected. eIM is a rigorous 15-calendar month, four-semester state-of-the-art program.

Additional features of the executive format include:

  • Close interaction and teamwork;
  • A professional, modern, and informal learning environment;
  • Close collaboration with respected partners in industry and relevant scholarly communities;
  • A curriculum that is continually updated; and
  • Participants viewed as partners in the learning process (in class and in the joint generation of intellectual capital as presentations, reports or cases—in paper and digital formats).

Key Benefits of the Information Management (eIM) Program At NYU-Poly

Key benefits of the program include:

  • An emphasis on information technology, nurturing innovation and entrepreneurship;
  • Integration of local, regional and global perspectives;
  • Active involvement of highly respected faculty in management and engineering and applied science;
  • A focus on leadership;
  • A holistic educational approach that connects the worlds of technology and business;
  • Modern learning methods, e.g. individualized and team-based coaching, experiential project-based education, and advanced learning platforms;
  • Close involvement with leading companies, entrepreneurial ventures, and professional services firms;
  • Information reflective of modern value creation as practiced in the nation’s most advanced global city; and
  • Participants who complete this program will receive a Master of Science in Information Management from the Polytechnic Institute of New York University.


The Executive Master’s Program in Information Management is offered at our Manhattan Graduate Center in the Wall Street financial district.

Coaching and Mentoring Program

The NYU-Poly Technology Management Department faculty recognizes the impact that mentors and coaches have in accelerating the development of aspiring managers. All full-time Executive students participate in this unique Coaching and Mentoring Program that includes individual and group meetings with a coach/mentor. Each full-time Executive student has a one-on-one intake interview with their coach/mentor and is then encouraged to seek advice on significant work related presentations and special situations. The coach/mentor and student then develop a Personal Development Plan based upon the intake interview and several confidential online assessments, and then review progress against its objectives at least once a semester. The continuing program consists of group meetings held once a month during which topics of common interest are discussed and to-be-scheduled individual sessions in which the student may discuss matters on a confidential basis with their coach/mentor.

Optional Course Auditing

Full-time Executive students may elect, at no additional costs and with permission from the Program Director and Instructor, to supplement their degree program by auditing one additional course per semester within the Graduate School.

Guest Speakers

The Metro NYC area is blessed with an abundance of thoroughly experienced highly-qualified technology managers that have valuable knowledge and insight into many of the topics that are taught in the eMOT and eIM programs. Professors often invite guest speakers to their classes to enrich coursework and enable our students to learn from their experiences and have an opportunity to discuss timely topics directly with them.

Jump Starting Entrepreneurship

NYU-Poly introduced a new mode of education we call invention, innovation and entrepreneurship (i2e). We believe that research universities have to expand to provide not just education and research, but economic impact. Students in our executive programs embody this philosophy by managing technological innovation to launch new products, services and businesses within their own companies or as startups within our business incubation centers.

Admissions Requirements

Admission to the eIM Program is based on an in-depth evaluation of a candidate’s academic record, work experience and overall intellectual and professional qualifications and potential. Applicants must demonstrate strong commitment, and an ability to benefit professionally from the rigorous 15-month executive program. Because of the heavy demands of this program, it is important that employers also explicitly support such professional education. In general, GRE and GMAT tests are not required for applying to the eIM Program. But the Department of Technology Management may ask an applicant to submit scores later in the admissions process. The Program Director will schedule interviews with applicants to assure that they are ready for the commitment involved in this program. This program does not accept transfer credits. Applicants should apply online at www.poly.edu/academics/programs/management-technology-ms.

How to Apply

The Executive Master’s Program uses an admission process called the Self-Managed Application (SMA). Applicants must gather the materials required by the program and forward them in a single envelope to:

Administrative Director
eMOT-eIM Programs
Polytechnic Institute of NYU
55 Broad Street, Suite 13B
New York, NY 10004

Application Checklist

  1. Complete the application and attach a copy of your professional resume and the application fee.
  2. A Statement of Purpose that describes in brief your:
    1. Prior background and experience
    2. Motivation in pursuing graduate studies
    3. Long-term career goals
  3. Please ask the registrar at all colleges and universities you attended to send official transcripts directly to you. For these documents to remain official, they must be sealed in the original envelope. Opened transcripts are not considered official.
  4. Please arrange for two (2) letters of recommendation to be sent directly to you. These letters are generally from a supervisor or high-level colleague who is familiar with your professional work. As with transcripts, to be considered official, recommendations must be sent directly from the recommender to the applicant unopened. Use the enclosed forms for this purpose. Write your name at the top of this form, sign the waiver (which waives your right to see the recommendation) if you wish, and give one form and one of the enclosed envelopes to each person writing to support your application.
  5. The final step for admission is a personal interview with an Academic Co-Director to discuss career objectives and to ensure that the program fits your goals.

For more information, contact the eIM Program Administrative Director:
Tel: (718) 260-4015
Fax: (212) 547-7029
Or e-mail: mot-im@poly.edu