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2013-2014 Undergraduate and Graduate Bulletin (with addenda)
New York University Polytechnic School of Engineering
  Feb 20, 2018
2013-2014 Undergraduate and Graduate Bulletin (with addenda) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Management (MSM), Entrepreneurship Concentration, M.S.

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For further information, consult the Master of Science in Management Program  page.

The MS Management Curriculum

1. Core Courses

The six required core courses shown below provide an 18 credit foundation upon which students can pursue cutting-edge specializations within the degree program. These core courses expose students to the disciplines required of a professional manager. Students who have taken these courses elsewhere or previously at the School of Engineering, or who have had equivalent experience, may apply to substitute elective courses for such core courses; however, all students are required to complete the MSM degree’s 36 credits.


Core courses should be taken as early in the program as possible.

2. Areas of Concentration

Students must formally choose and declare a 15 credit area of concentration, which can be from among those listed below or, with the MSM Program Director’s pre-approval, a set of courses that meet individual needs through a custom MSM concentration. A minimum of four courses must be selected in any one concentration area. Courses in all the available concentrations are shown below.

3. Capstone Project Course

This required, integrating three-credit course,

 , is recommended for a student’s final semester. In special cases, MG-GY 997X MS Thesis in Technology Management  may be substituted for students wishing to produce a major dissertation in a specialty with the permission of the MSM Program Director and the TM&I Chair. Such a student must follow the Master’s Thesis course requirements.

Concentration Course Requirements

Each MSM concentration sequence comprises a minimum of five courses totaling 15 credits. Substitutions may be made with the MSM Program Director’s pre-approval in any concentration area.


The Entrepreneurship Concentration is offered for the manager, professional or specialist interested in entrepreneurial management—as an entrepreneur starting a new business, as an “intrapreneur” in a large, established firm, or as a professional (e.g., venture capitalist) interested in playing a role in new enterprises. This concentration develops a valuable entrepreneurial state of mind for any business setting. Modern entrepreneurial concepts and cases are learned and applied.

Select One:

Select one 3 credit course of interest with an “MG” or “FRE” prefix.


* FRE courses may require pre-approval from the FRE Department.

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