2013-2014 Undergraduate and Graduate Bulletin (with addenda) 
    Nov 13, 2018  
2013-2014 Undergraduate and Graduate Bulletin (with addenda) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Course Descriptions

A Brief Guide to Course Descriptions

Each program described in this catalog contains detailed descriptions of the courses offered within the program.

The first line gives the official course number for which students must register and the official course title. The letters indicate the discipline of the course and the first number of the official course numbers indicates the level of the course. The levels are as follows:

  • 1XXX - Freshman Level
  • 2XXX - Sophomore Level
  • 3XXX - Junior Level
  • 4XXX - Senior Level
  • 5XXX to 9XXX - Graduate level

Typically the last number of the course number indicates the number of credits. The breakdown of periods of the course is also listed.

When selecting a course for registration, the section of the course may include the following notations:

  • “LEC” - lecture section
  • “RCT” or “RC” - recitation section
  • “LAB” or “LB” - lab section

Additionally, any other letter or digit listed in the section will further identify the section and being liked to another section of the class with the same letter and/or digit combination. Further information on sections is available from academic advisers during registration periods.

The paragraph description briefly indicates the contents and coverage of the course. A detailed course syllabus may be available by request from the office of the offering department.

“Prerequisites” are courses (or their equivalents) that must be completed before registering for the described course. “Co-requisites” are courses taken concurrently with the described course.

The notation “Also listed…” indicates that the course is also given under the number shown. This means that two or more departments or programs sponsor the described course and that students may register under either number, usually the one representing the student’s major program. Classes are jointly delivered.


Electrical Engineering

Undergraduate Courses

Students should consult departmental adviser postings, handouts and the department’s website for changes in required courses, course contents and prerequisites that go into effect after this catalog is published.

General prerequisites: students may not register for any junior- or senior-level courses until they complete all freshman and most sophomore requirements. For all EE courses, the Institute assumes knowledge of computer programming at the level of CS 1113 and of computational mathematics packages used in calculus courses.

Note: Elective courses whose identifiers have three numerical digits (e.g., EE-UY 107 ) are listed after the courses having identifiers with four numerical digits. Courses with identifiers of the form EL XYZ, available as senior electives, are listed with graduate EE

   •  EE-UY 3404 Fundamentals of Communication Theory
   •  EE-UY 3414 Multimedia Communication Systems I
   •  EE-UY 3423 Light and Lightening
   •  EE-UY 3604 Electromagnetic Waves
   •  EE-UY 3824 Electric Energy Conversion Systems
   •  EE-UY 4001 ECE Professional Development and Presentation
   •  EE-UY 4123 EE DPI- Electrical Power and Machinery
   •  EE-UY 4144 Introduction to Embedded Systems Design
   •  EE-UY 4153 EE DPI- Multimedia
   •  EE-UY 4173 EE DPI- Telecommunication Networks
   •  EE-UY 4183 EE DP I-Wireless Communication
   •  EE-UY 4223 Electrical Engineering Design Project II
   •  EE-UY 4313 Computer Engineering Design Project I
   •  EE-UY 4323 Computer Engineering Design Project II
   •  EE-UY 4414 Multimedia Communication Systems II
   •  EE-UY 4823 Electric and Hybrid Vehicles
   •  EE/CS 1012 Introduction to Computer Engineering

Electrical Engineering (Graduate)

   •  EL-GY 90X3 Selected Topics in Wireless Communication (X=1, 2, 9)
   •  EL-GY 91X3 Selected Topics in Signal Processing (X=1, 2,…9)
   •  EL-GY 92X3 Selected Topics in Control Systems (X=1, 2,…9)
   •  EL-GY 93X3 Selected Topics in Telecommunications and Networking (X=1, 2,…9)
   •  EL-GY 94X3 Selected Topics in Computer Electronic Devices and Systems (X=1, 2,…9)
   •  EL-GY 95X3 Selected Topics in Electro- Optics, Quantum Electronics and Material Science (X=1, 2,…9)
   •  EL-GY 96X3 Selected Topics in Power Engineering (X=1, 2,…9)
   •  EL-GY 97X3 Selected Topics in Electrodynamics, Wave Phenomena and Plasmas (X=1, 2,…9)
   •  EL-GY 997x MS Thesis in Electrical & Computer Engineering Department
   •  EL-GY 999X PhD Dissertation in Electrical Engineering
   •  EL-GY 5023 Wireless Information Systems Laboratory I
   •  EL-GY 5033 Wireless Information Systems Laboratory II
   •  EL-GY 5123 Image Processing
   •  EL-GY 5213 Introduction to Systems Engineering
   •  EL-GY 5223 Sensor Based Robotics
   •  EL-GY 5253 Applied Matrix Theory
   •  EL-GY 5373 Internet Architecture and Protocols
   •  EL-GY 5463 Introduction to RF/Microwave Integrated Circuits
   •  EL-GY 5533 Physics of Nanoelectronics
   •  EL-GY 5553 Physics of Quantum Computing
   •  EL-GY 5613 Introduction to Electric Power Systems
   •  EL-GY 5623 Finite Elements for Electrical Engineering
   •  EL-GY 5663 Physics of Alternative Energy
   •  EL-GY 5673 Electronic Power Supplies
   •  EL-GY 5733 RF and Microwave Systems Engineering
   •  EL-GY 5753 Introduction to Plasma Engineering
   •  EL-GY 5813 Biomedical Instrumentation
   •  EL-GY 6013 Digital Communications
   •  EL-GY 6023 Wireless Communications
   •  EL-GY 6063 Information Theory
   •  EL-GY 6113 Digital Signal Processing I
   •  EL-GY 6123 Video Processing
   •  EL-GY 6183 Digital Signal Processing Laboratory
   •  EL-GY 6213 System Modeling, Analysis and Design
   •  EL-GY 6233 System Optimization Method
   •  EL-GY 6243 System Theory and Feedback Control
   •  EL-GY 6253 Linear Systems
   •  EL-GY 6303 Probability and Stochastic Processes
   •  EL-GY 6333 Detection and Estimation Theory
   •  EL-GY 6383 High-Speed Networks
   •  EL-GY 6413 Analog and High Frequency Amplifier Design
   •  EL-GY 6433 Digital Integrated Circuit Design
   •  EL-GY 6443 VLSI System and Architecture Design
   •  EL-GY 6453 Advances in Reconfigurable Systems
   •  EL-GY 6463 Advanced Hardware Design
   •  EL-GY 6473 Introduction to VLSI System Design
   •  EL-GY 6483 Real Time Embedded Systems
   •  EL-GY 6493 Design and Test of Digital Systems
   •  EL-GY 6513 Fundamentals of Solid-State Electronic Devices
   •  EL-GY 6553 Quantum Mechanics I
   •  EL-GY 6583 Fiber Optic Communications
   •  EL-GY 6603 Power Electronics
   •  EL-GY 6613 Electrical Transmission & Distribution Systems
   •  EL-GY 6623 Power Systems Economics and Planning
   •  EL-GY 6633 Transients, Surges and Faults in Power Systems
   •  EL-GY 6653 Power System Stability
   •  EL-GY 6663 Distributed Generation Systems
   •  EL-GY 6673 Resonant Power Converters
   •  EL-GY 6683 Electric Drives
   •  EL-GY 6713 Electromagnetic Theory and Applications
   •  EL-GY 6723 Electromagnetic Radiation and Antennas
   •  EL-GY 6813 Medical Imaging
   •  EL-GY 7133 Digital Signal Processing II
   •  EL-GY 7253 State Space Design for Linear Control Systems
   •  EL-GY 7353 Communication Networks I: Analysis, Modeling and Performance
   •  EL-GY 7363 Communications Networks II: Design and Algorithms
   •  EL-GY 7373 High Performance Switches and Routers
   •  EL-GY 8223 Applied Nonlinear Control
   •  EL-GY 8233 Optimal Control Theory
   •  EL-GY 8253 Large-Scale Systems and Decentralized Control
   •  EL-GY 9473 Sel Tpcs in Computer Electronic Devices & Systems
   •  EL-GY 9900 Seminar in Electrical and Computer Engineering
   •  EL-GY 9933 Readings in Electrical and Computer Engineering I
   •  EL-GY 9941 Advanced Projects III
   •  EL-GY 9943 Readings in Electrical and Computer Engineering II
   •  EL-GY 9953 Advanced Projects I
   •  EL-GY 9963 Advanced Projects II
   •  EL-GY 9980 Electrical Engineering Area Exam


   •  EN-UY 1084W Introduction to College Writing for ESL Students
   •  EN-UY 2114/W Machines Made of Words I: Poetry as Design
   •  EN-UY 2134/W The Novella: Between the Short Story and the Novel
   •  EN-UY 2174W The World’s Greatest Journeys
   •  EN-UY 2194/W The Rise of the Graphic Novel

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